Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

Trinity Christian Centre (TCC) and our trading company, Rowheath Pavilion Limited (RPL) is a responsive organisation guided by our values.

We welcome compliments and complaints and are committed to celebrating when we do something well and when we are not. We will manage this fairly and effectively. Complaints can be a valuable part of the quality improvement as we set high standards and we want to know if we fall short of achieving them.

TCC will review all compliments and complaints to ensure we learn from the feedback we receive.
TCC will ensure that staff are familiar with the policy and can explain it to individuals who want to make a complaint.

We will handle any information received confidentially (information will only be shared with those who need to know), investigate fairly and will provide a clear explanation. If a complaint is upheld, preventative action for the future will be identified.

We will treat your complaint with respect and courtesy. But there will be times we are unable to address your complaint. 

These are:

  • When your complaint is anonymous.
  • When a complaint is illegible or incoherent.
  • When a is complaint /complainant is offensive, abusive, or prejudiced.
  • When a complaint is about something that's not connected with TCC.

Trying to resolve the issue:
If you are unhappy about anything that TCC or its staff have done or provided, we want to hear from you as soon as possible. It will be helpful if you inform a member of staff as soon as you become aware of a problem.

Where you complain in person or using the phone, we will provide a written copy of your complaint to you within three working days.

We will give you the name of the manager/investigating officer who will be looking into your complaint as soon as possible.

We aim to complete looking into your complaint and be able to respond to you within 20 working days. However, if it becomes clear that a complex investigation or disciplinary proceedings are involved, it will take longer than this as these will hold precedence over the complaints process. We will contact you to explain the delay and as far as we can, appropriately keep you updated regularly.

If a complaint is upheld, the matter will be put right, and future preventative action will be identified and implemented. You will be notified of the actions taken unless confidentially and data protection requirements prevent this.