Trinity Christian Centre

Trinity Christian Centre is the charity which manages Rowheath Pavilion, located in Bournville, Birmingham. The pavilion is a vital community hub for Bournville and surrounds, and is a welcoming space for everyone; irrespective of belief or conviction. The grounds and pavilion consist sports grounds, parkland, playground, cafe, bar, weddings & events venue, and community space. We are also home to numerous local businesses; including a Christian missional training college and a thriving church (who set up the charity and remain at the heart of our service to the community). 

Help Keep Rowheath Pavilion Secure

The Pavilion needs to raise some funds to upgrade the building and grounds security. Our beautiful building is old and needs constant work to keep it functioning and safe. Last year we were burgled three times, had three incidents of travelling communities trespassing on our sports pitches and car park, and had numerous incidents of vandalism. The damage to the building and the grounds from these events is costly and draining on our already stretched finances. With the ongoing regular maintenance costs of an old building and rising utility costs, we don't have the money we need to do this urgent work.